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Services and turnkey solutions

Since 2015 we have been developing applications, web and mobile products with 3D, VR and AR technologies for new opportunities and superior experiences
We help companies and developers in e-com, industry, entertainment and social projects to develop, create and sell products, reduce costs, to grow and achieve new goals
  • We develop solutions for integration into your products
  • We provide with ready-made our own products. We adapt, integrate, support them
  • We develop turnkey 3D editors and other products
We offer different collaboration formats depending on customer tasks, conditions and preferences
  • Fixed-price
    We calculate labor costs in advance and set the price. Suitable for small projects, with a clear result
  • FFF
    Fixed Price, Fixed Time, Flex Scope - used for phased development with an assessment of each stage. Suitable for large projects
  • Time & Materials
    You pay for "hours". Suitable for highly uncertain environments
  • Retainer
    You pay a fixed price per month for a fixed amount of work. Suitable for dedicated team format
  • Set up a commodity or a product, create a service. Understand how it looks like, works and how much it costs, taking into account individual requirements and selected parameters. Send an order
  • Areas of use
  • Basic functionality
    • Configurator engine
    • Quality rendering
    • Show changes in real time
    • Product customization in bulk
    • Color, texture and size settings
    • Integration with accounting for cost calculation
    • Order creation
    • Uploading an order in .pdf
  • Additionally
    • Flexible parts setup
    • Morphing
    • Animation
    • Skeleton animation
    • Multiple product setup
    • Mobile app
  • Where to use
    Full immersion and interaction, creating a rich continuous user experience, combining the capabilities of the really digital world
  • Areas of use
    • E-com
    • Concerts
    • Fashion shows
    • Education
    • Virtual offices and meeting rooms
    • Development
    • Sport
    • Coaching
    • Games
    • Tourism
    • Simulations of events, places and objects
    • Brand promotion
    • Museums
  • Basic functionality
    • Virtual spaces
    • Multiplayer
    • Portals
    • Avatars
  • Additionally
    • Accounting for real physics
    • NFT tokens
    • Buy/Sell mechanics
    • Design and style
  • Where to use
    To surprise, to show the product "from all sides", to increase sales by 5 - 40%, to reduce the number of returns
  • Areas of use
    Manufactured goods
    Real estate and architecture
    Modeling events, places and objects
  • Basic functionality
    • 360° view
    • Viewpoints changing
    • Changing the viewing angle
    • Zooming
    • High image quality
  • Additionally
    • Detailed descriptions
    • Audio accompaniment
    • Embedded video content
    • Infographics
    • Animations
    • Process visualization
    • Multi-page mode
  • Where to use
    Tell about a landmark or exhibit; try shoes, clothes or rims in a car; place a chair in a room. Show what the assembled construction kit looks like, offer a hint or instruction for repair and maintenance. Organize a virtual store in real space, or combine the rich experience of an offline store and online shopping
  • Areas of use
    Maintenance and service
  • Cryptocurrency exchange
    Build your exchange and expand your blockchain business. We have professional UI/UX designers, providing the best design aesthetics, custom function development, and creating your cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Decentralised Wallet
    With the technology, knowledge and experience of the blockchain, we can develop various digital currency wallets. Store multi-chain and multi-Currency digital assets, and customise your exclusive decentralised wallet.
  • Cryptocurrency payment system
    We help you build a safe and efficient cryptocurrency payment system. Our payment system allows you to connect easily and customise according to your payment process. Robust and secure crypto payment will help you expand your global business.
  • Public / Private chain construction
    Develop your blockchain, which is highly decentralised and difficult to tamper with the ledgers. Applying Blockchain technology to your business scope will significantly reduce procedure costs.
  • Smart contract
    Smart contracts are the key to facilitate automated operations in the blockchain. According to your business needs and formulate the conditions for the execution of the contract.
  • DApp
    Concept, design and development, our blockchain experts will develop a DApp suitable for your existing business. Help you achieve a highly secure decentralised business without downtime!
We do not only solve problems related to 3D, virtual spaces and blockchain, but also create websites and applications into which we integrate our solutions. Everything is as always: research, UX / UI, full-cycle design and development, launch, advertising and support
We are able not only to go "in sites", but also "in mathematics". From simulation of real phenomena and material behavior to surface recognition
We conduct research, build models, visualize the phenomena of real and "fantastic" physics.

When performing research and development work, we ensure compliance with the necessary standards requirements.
Do you have specific tasks or just abstract ideas? Doubt and want to know more details? Let's start chatting