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Interactive 3D demonstration of interiors and exteriors for Skoda Kodiaq

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Task: to develop an interactive application for demonstrating the interior and exterior of a Skoda vehicle
About the project
In order to make a decision to buy a car, a potential buyer wants to get the most complete impression of its design, quality of finish and additional features.

The photographs cannot satisfy the client's requests. Unlike them, a 3D demonstration makes it possible to get around the car from all sides, and even "be" inside. He can look around, imagine himself in the driver's or passenger's seat, explore design features and additional functions
How it's done. Exterior
The exterior demo is compiled from 100 individual photos of the car from all angles. Thanks to such detailed shooting and smooth processing of transitions between “frames”, it was possible to get rid of jerks during rotation. It happens smoothly and naturally
How it's done. Interior
Panoramic shots were used to demonstrate the interior. This makes the rotation flawless due to the lack of "frames" as such.
Labels are placed in the right places to view additional information. So you can tell about the car even more
What have we done
  • Compiled requirements
  • Conducted UX analytics
  • Developed layouts
  • Designed a system
  • Created prototypes
  • Developed the server part of the application on microservices
  • Integrated with third party services
  • Developed a web interface
  • Created a 3D editor that can work independently
  • Project management and user support
Principles, history, technologies
Germany, Armenia, Malaysia