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Interactive 3D demonstration of interiors for INTVR

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Task: to develop an interactive application for demonstrating interiors
About the project
The customer needed a flexible solution for demonstrating interiors, which is easy to integrate into various services — real estate trading platforms, websites of developers and design studios.

It was important to create a high-quality solution at the level of industry leaders.
First of all, we took care of high performance. Numerous optimization schemes have been developed. For example, finished panoramas are cut into “pieces”. At each moment of time, only those of them that fall into the scope are loaded. We paid special attention to the smoothness of transitions between points and switching between modes.
How it works
The user has several options for design solutions for one room. He can choose any, and while watching it is easy to switch between them.

Different modes help to better explore the room. View the floor plan, use the interactive projection for a closer view, or get inside the room to see everything from the participant's point of view
In one application, two different approaches to creating a virtual space are implemented. The first is loading a 3D model and rendering the image while viewing it on the fly. The second is to create a demonstration from panoramic shots taken in advance
When we want to understand what a room looks like, everything is important to us. Soft lighting, natural colors, high-quality textures and models, no optical distortion, smooth and fast application
What have we done
  • Compiled requirements
  • Conducted UX analytics
  • Developed layouts
  • Designed a system
  • Created prototypes
  • Developed the server part of the application on microservices
  • Integrated with third party services
  • Developed a web interface
  • Created a 3D editor that can work independently
  • Project management and user support
Principles, history, technologies
Germany, Armenia, Malaysia