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Interactive 3D demo for Chargepoint

Task: Create interactive 3D demos for charging stations
About the project
ChargePoint makes electric vehicle charging stations and sells them to consumers around the world. Several models have been developed for different tasks and operating conditions
How to sell gas stations
A gas station is a complex product. It has numerous non-obvious features that are important to consider when choosing. Therefore, it was important for ChargePoint to provide information about models in the most complete and convenient format. In addition, a quality product demonstration is known to have a significant impact on sales.

That is why, together with the customer, we decided to create a kind of interactive 3D guide for each gas station. This format allows you to clearly talk about all aspects and features of the stations: appearance, properties, functions, taking into account localization, operation features
We have added all modifications of gas stations to the guide
We showed various processes, scenarios and the design of stations in dynamics
Added a lot of descriptions, additional videos, animations and infographics, where talked about all the peculiarities in detail
Additionally, a potential buyer can literally examine the product from all sides and even look inside. How it works. How does it work. What's going on inside. What daily operation looks like. You can literally “feel” the product with your hands
What have we done
  • Developed models of filling stations, including the internal structure
  • Made renderings of images and animations
  • Developed infographics, explanatory videos and animations
  • Created interactive demos