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OWNverse — The Most Noteworthy 3D Universe Builder in 2023

With the arrival of 2023, metaverse-related industries undoubtedly achieved considerable development last year. Enterprises such as Meta, Microsoft, and Apple are exploring the concept of Metaverse or the form of implementation at different levels. Furthermore, according to the survey, the entire industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 39.8% from 2022 to 2030.

Getting into the Metaverse, however, is time-consuming and labour-intensive — not just a matter of money and talent. In the final analysis, most of the 3D Metaverse builders, such as ReadyPlayerMeSketchfabVROID, etc., only focus on specific fields, which takes a lot of time to overcome problems such as cross-platform operations during creation, and requires a lot of fixed overhead on the builder.

Therefore, to solve the above problems, AVS Consulting and CyberFox have jointly released a new integrated 3D Metaverse builder project — OWNverse.

What is OWNverse

OWNverse is a virtual space-creating tool uniting functionalities of existing and widely used Web2 platforms, products and services. The platform allows integration of these tools to elevate their dimensionality and bring them into spatially immersive 3D Internet — Web3.
OWNverse dwells on the empowerment of users as co-creators of the content instead of passive consumers of information. The central tenet is to supply all necessary and proven tools to provide real value for businesses and to create a collaborative virtual community.

OWNverse Official Website

Our Mission

As a senior 3D and web3 company in the industry, we were pleased to see the explosive growth of the web3 topic and market last year, and we are still optimistic about future development and possibility.

But as designers and developers, we understand that there are many limitations on the current path to commercializing the Metaverse. For example, although there are many excellent tools, products and services in the market today, the need for functional integration is still one of the biggest problems. This affects the fluency of development and often costs many R&D funds. So our goal is to bring these powerful tools together, get the coolest, most valuable solutions under one roof, and make easy access possible through a clever way of getting them all together.

Demo — The OWNverse World

OWNverse deploys a virtual space based on the cloud platform, thus bringing users a more accessible way of creation. In addition, this synthetic environment creates shortcuts, allowing people to bypass equipment requirements and perform tasks with greater speed and efficiency without hindrance.

The platform allows the creation of virtual worlds using templates and integrated features. These enable users to perform their preferred activities according to their daily needs and habits. For example, as shown in the image below, users can leverage ShopifyBehance, and Artstration to showcase their portfolio of products and artwork in a 3D virtual space or use the integrated Spotify player.

Our design philosophy is specially created for users’ daily workflow and habits, utilizing 3D virtual space to extend the features and functions of business applications.


To achieve our goal of livable virtual worlds, we developed a viable strategy consisting of several well-thought-out steps. The forecast graphs below represent the potential impact and goals we expect to achieve within a specific time frame.

In short, we are still in the initial stages. The primary goal is to develop an MVP version of our platform and build a 3D OWNverse demo for marketing purposes, which you can see in the paragraph above.

A few months later, we expect to launch the first Alpha version in the Q3 of this year. In this version, we will test the platform internally and move from demo applications to a single platform. In addition, we will add complete user registration and implement multiplayer as a full-fledged SaaS platform along with the first version of Avatars HUB with an avatar library, multiple format support and a third-party import mechanism.

In Q4 2023, the beta version will be released. After that, we will start testing our platform with a limited number of invited users and focus on developing a full-fledged Metaverse Constructor with all the basic functionalities.

Eventually, we will have a soft launch in Q1 2024. The launch will open the platform to the public in a soft mode — avoiding aggressive advertising and attention-grabbing. We will test the platform on real users and gradually build a community around the platform. At this stage, all features and functionalities of the platform should be available in an operating mode. We will focus on building and optimizing the UX/UI design for the web.

You could visit the OWNverse whitepaper page for further details.

Finally, as we are in the early stage, we are currently publicly seeking seed funding. If you are interested in participating in this project, we have also conducted an in-depth analysis of investment indicators in the OWNverse presentation. Or you could contact us directly at info@ownverse.online for more information.

Thanks for your reading. Welcome to our Discord for future news. Stay tuned!