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OpenStack and Hyperledger: Revolutionizing Digital Solutions

OpenStack and Hyperledger are two powerful technologies revolutionizing the digital solutions market. AVS Consulting is at the forefront of researching and testing new technologies for clients, and our engineers have extensively researched and tested both technologies.

What are these technologies?


OpenStack is an open-source distributed infrastructure technology that enables organizations to build large-scale, secure and reliable digital solutions. In other words, it is a software suite that can provide private and public cloud services, which can meet most business needs, such as general enterprises, telecommunications providers, and high-performance computing.
From a software perspective, OpenStack is composed of multiple microservices, and users can combine these services according to their application scenarios to meet their own needs. These services are provided through REST API, and Software Development Kits provide different programming languages to access services.
This software can be installed through the official tarball, and there are also packages in the package management tools of major Linux distributions.
With its broad capabilities and promise, OpenStack has become a popular choice for building world-class digital solutions. Surveys conducted in 2020 indicate that 30% of companies are already using OpenStack, and this trend is growing.


Hyperledger is an open-source permissioned blockchain framework started in 2015 by The Linux Foundation.
Basically, Hyperledger is a private blockchain network enabling advanced companies and governments to create secure digital data storage and transmission environments. The technology is compatible with Ethereum, allowing users to use the best standards and protocols recognized by the global blockchain community.
In the case of Hyperledger Burrow, which originated from the Ethereum framework, it is a technology that requires authorization to connect to the blockchain network. Burrow adopts a modular design and can choose different consensus algorithms according to needs. Currently, it supports PBFT, SBFT and PoET. In addition, it is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), so it can directly execute ETH smart contracts and become a cross-chain solution in the Hyperledger project.
As a result, Hyperledger is ideal for creating secure environments for financial services, registries, and smart contract execution.

Where to use?

The combination of OpenStack and Hyperledger provides a powerful solution for building managed and secure infrastructure for distributed management systems and interactive financial services. In addition, these technologies enable organizations to address the critical issue of secure data storage and transmission, creating a safe and governed environment for digital solutions.
One example of using OpenStack and Hyperledger is in the financial services industry. Hyperledger Fabric is a blockchain platform developed by the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger project that can be used with OpenStack to create private, permissioned blockchain networks. This provides a secure and regulated environment for financial services such as securities trading, asset management and international remittances.
Another example of the application of OpenStack and Hyperledger is in the healthcare industry. These technologies can create a secure, distributed environment to store and transmit electronic medical records. This could provide healthcare providers with a more efficient and safe way to share patient information while maintaining patient privacy and security.


OpenStack and Hyperledger are powerful technologies changing how digital solutions are built. These two technologies are a testament to AVS Consulting’s commitment to providing its clients with the latest and most innovative solutions.
If you are interested in learning more about how these technologies can benefit your organization, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.