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⭐️ Clutch Five Stars Review⎟OWNverse ⭐️

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AVS Consulting, as a crucial member of OWNverse, is delighted to collaborate with the Cyberfox Agency team to build world-class #Web3D applications and expand the commercial possibilities of immersive technology.

Now, let's review the five-star rating the OWNverse team gave us on Clutch! 🚀


OWNverse is a virtual space-creating tool uniting functionalities of existing and widely used #Web2 platforms, products, and services. The platform allows integration of these tools to elevate their dimensionality and bring them into spatially immersive 3D Internet – #Web3.


AVS Consulting played a significant role in developing OWNverse, creating a custom #3D web-based engine for an interactive space simulation platform, featuring an adaptive user interface built on top of Three Mesh UI. We also integrated #VR and #multiplayer capabilities and seamless connections with popular web2 platforms like YouTube, Behance, and Instagram.


"They provided valuable insights and recommendations throughout the project, helping us navigate complex challenges," expressed the Department Advisor from OWNverse. Our team's expertise, professionalism, and innovative solutions made the collaboration seamless and exceeded their expectations.

At #Web3Dev, we take pride in delivering exceptional quality of service, adhering to deadlines, and providing unmatched value to our clients. Our deep understanding of #web development and the #Web3 ecosystem allowed us to provide valuable insights and recommendations, guiding OWNverse through the development process with informed decisions.


Web3Dev is a professional #3D software development company under AVS Consulting Group, with a highly skilled team experienced in #VR development, #UI / #UX design, and much more. Our dedication to excellence and our client's success drives us to deliver innovative solutions that exceed expectations continuously.

If you are seeking a dependable and knowledgeable team for your project development, consider AVS Consulting. Our exceptional project management, promptness in meeting deadlines, and reasonable pricing make us a top choice for businesses looking to embark on transformative projects.

Let's build extraordinary experiences together! 💻🌈

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