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🛋️ Revolutionizing Furniture Shopping with 3D & AR!

Traditionally, when customers wanted to purchase new furniture or decor items, they often had to visit the store in person to ascertain sizes and colors. However, with the advent of 3D product simulators (configurators), customers can now virtually configure and preview on computers or mobile devices prior to purchase. This not only saves time but also greatly reduces the risk of returns due to size or color discrepancies.
Now, let AVS guide you through how these technologies are making waves in furniture sales!

3D Product Models

Before we dive in, a quick introduction — 3D product simulators are also known as “3D product configurators.”
With advancements in immersive technology, the application of 3D models on e-commerce platforms has become refined. Using Web3D technology, products can now be displayed on websites without requiring additional plugins or application downloads. Major corporations like
IKEA and Made In Ply have integrated 3D model displays on their official websites. So, what are the advantages of online furniture retailers?

1. Immersive Experience — Enhancing the joy of shopping

3D configurators offer a multi-angle, all-round virtual presentation of furniture. Customers can adjust their view, inspecting details such as the thickness of cabinet doors or the texture of tabletop materials. They can preview different combinations, compare how they look in different interior styles, and even simulate interactions like opening drawers or turning keys.
This kind of high-fidelity virtual experience compensates for the tactile absence in online shopping. Compared to static 2D images, 3D virtual scenes also enhance the shopper’s pleasure and satisfaction.

2. Custom Orders Directly to Backend

The 3D configurator allows customers to choose different materials, colors, and other parameters for personalization. The system instantly generates corresponding 3D models based on these selections. This eliminates the need for manual intervention; order information is automatically sent to the ERP system, saving manual processing time and improving efficiency.
Our 3D configurator for FlexCube also lets consumers experiment with various custom combinations without the constraints of physical store inventory.

3. Intuitive Display — Boosting Conversion Rates

From our customer surveys, nearly 95% of businesses stated that using a 3D configurator significantly aids their sales process, with at least half reporting at least a 50% increase in orders.
This is credited to its intuitive display features, which more effectively trigger consumers’ desire to purchase and facilitate decision-making. Visual models convey the product’s value and realism far better than textual descriptions.

Benefits of Augmented Reality (AR) in Furniture Shopping

The most vivid impression of AR for many might be how Pokémon GO projected virtual Pokémon onto real-world settings. Similarly, furniture pieces like sofas, lamps, beds, and cabinets can be projected into customers’ homes using AR, all with just a smartphone.
Let’s delve into the practical applications of AR in furniture sales:

1. The Most Authentic Visual Experience

Unlike 2D images or 3D models, AR offers the most intuitive display format, allowing consumers to visualize furniture models within their own living spaces. When customers can directly visualize how a sofa or bookshelf would look in their room, it not only eliminates size and proportion guesswork but also ensures color and material harmonize with their surroundings.

2. Combining Interactive Design— Crafting an Immersive Shopping Experience

AR can not only embed 3D models but also incorporate various interactive elements, such as operating virtual furniture drawers. This immersive virtual experience elevates the joy of shopping, offering an “online experience of offline quality” sensation.

3. Reducing Incorrect Purchase Rates

AR technology minimizes returns caused by discrepancies in size, color, or style. Statistics indicate that 30% of online orders get returned, with 22% due to products not matching expected appearances.
Returns aren’t just inconvenient for customers; they also represent a significant cost for businesses. As mentioned earlier, AR allows consumers to more accurately visualize products in real-world settings, reducing unsatisfactory purchases. This means businesses can cut back on logistics and inventory costs while increasing overall customer satisfaction.

Case Study

Made in PLY

Made in PLY is a London-based online custom furniture brand, mainly selling mattresses, bedside tables, and other bedroom products.
AVS Consulting and CyberFox have collaborated to create an online 3D configurator integrated with the renowned e-commerce platform, Shopify. We embedded over 100 furniture 3D models in the online store, allowing consumers to customize various materials and color combinations.
Taking a tabletop as an example, consumers can select the wood type, paint, edging, and leg design, and then generate the corresponding 3D model.
Regarding the backend, we have set up an automated customization system. Once consumers submit a customized order, the system will automatically generate a work order and send it to the product sales department.


Vita is a high-end custom sofa simulator co-developed by AVS Consulting and CyberFox, aiming to provide consumers with a more interactive online shopping experience. The configurator primarily includes a customized 3D model display and various interactive features.
In terms of product display, the Vita configurator can present a comprehensive view of the sofa from multiple angles and supports changes in details such as material and color. Users can observe every design detail by dragging and rotating. Functionally, Vita has features like real-time price calculation, size annotation, and order management, fully supporting the entire e-commerce ordering process.


With the development of technology, 3D and AR technologies are profoundly changing the traditional furniture sales model. 3D configurators enrich online shopping possibilities with immersive and interactive experiences and enable businesses to achieve automated custom production. AR technology provides a virtual perspective, giving consumers a novel and assured shopping experience.
If you are looking for a reliable immersive technology developer, AVS Consulting might be your best choice!
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