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Hi guys, this is Wilson

I'm delighted that I had the opportunity to represent AVS Consulting at the Web3 Blockchain Community event organized by Metacamp today.

Although I didn't catch up on the initial presentation, I still had enjoyable conversations with the event's host Justin Lee, Say Peng, and MoatLabs' co-founders Syed Adil Umair in the latter part.

We not only exchanged information about each other's company scopes but also discussed various current trends in the #blockchain industry.

What impressed me the most was Justin Lee's sharing of numerous applications built on the #Solana chain, including Hivemapper (maps), #XSGD (payments), and new networking protocol #LoRaWAN (this one not from Solana).

These #blockchain technologies have energized me and convinced me that building these networks can enhance our strength and foster mutual support in the future works.