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Hi guys, this is Wilson.

I am delighted to share my exhibition experience at COMPUTEX TAIPEI with everyone.

Once again, I represented AVS Consulting to join the event. Besides acquiring new knowledge, I aimed to establish connections with potential collaborative partners.
In summary, I would like to highlight several observations I made:

1. Decrease in #blockchain companies: Compared to last year's exhibition, there was a decrease in the number of blockchain enterprises. However, this does not signify a decline in blockchain technology. On the contrary, blockchain has taken root as a foundational technology within various enterprises.

2. Rapid progress in #immersive technology: Various immersive devices and software, such as #AR, #VR, #XR, and #MR, have matured, indicating a clear trend towards technological integration.

3. #AI wave: Major vendors have embraced AI as a focal point and introduced integrated products in this domain.

4. Flourishing market for computer #hardware: Take graphics cards for example, taking into account the blockchain trends of the past two years and this year's AI wave, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang's speech yesterday reaffirmed the vibrant state of the industry.
Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to Jorjin Technologies Inc.'s Assistant Manager for introducing me to their impressive #AR glasses, leaving a lasting impression. I would also like to thank Angie Chen, Asia's General Manager at XRSPACE for providing me with the opportunity to exchange ideas on both sides' (OWNverse) technologies and applications.

Looking forward to our mutual growth and collaboration in the industry!