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AR Try-On: Helping Customers Find Their Perfect Product in One Go!

In today's fast-paced digital consumption era, businesses that don't offer adequate convenience and immediacy can easily be left behind by competitors. This is one of the reasons why big brands like Nike and UNIQLO are opting to use #AR technology to enhance their sales and customer experience.

Imagine, as a glasses retailer, through #AR, you can offer customers the chance to virtually try on dozens of styles from the comfort of their homes without needing to visit the store in person. This isn't just for convenience; it can significantly reduce issues related to style selection or inventory mishaps and can even boost your sales #efficiency, allowing customers to complete orders online and then visit the eyewear store for lens fitting.

Moreover, the benefits of #AR include:

- Reducing Time Costs for Everyone: Online virtual try-ons allow customers to make at least 80% of their decisions, reducing in-store sales time. 🤩

- Enabling Customized Orders: For #personalized products, AR can be combined with #configurators to create an end-to-end service from design to try-on. 😎

- Decreasing Return Costs: For a full e-commerce shop, helping customers understand precisely what they're purchasing can drastically reduce the chances of returns. Statistically, up to 30% of e-commerce products are returned due to #discrepancies in expected appearance. 😱

Overall, AR technology provides unparalleled advantages for retailers and customers, making shopping more convenient and personalized. In such an environment, the big brands and any business aiming for success should consider integrating AR into their sales strategy.

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