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3D Configurator: The Best Technology to Enhance Your Sales Performance

53%, which is the average growth rate of adult customers when your business adopts virtual reality technology in your sales(WebFX). Regarding immersive technology trends such as VR/AR are concerned, 37% of companies believe that it will be realised within 2–5 years, and 25% believe within two years; moreover, the market valuation is expected to reach 72.8 billion US dollars by 2024 (FinancesOnline). This is an essential key point for companies that want to seize market trends.

In addition, returns have always been a big problem for businesses using electronic sales channels. According to the research, the return rate of e-commerce is as high as 20%, while that of physical stores is only 9% (Industry Dive). This is mainly due to customers' lack of understanding of the product and the discrepancy between the online photo and the actual items. This eventually leads to returns and increases the company's labour costs burden.

As a result, many businesses today are discovering the benefits of immersive technology, which not only reduces return rates but also increases engagement and marketing conversion. And this technology we call — 3D configurator.

What is 3D configurator?

The 3D configurator is a real-time interactive 3D model that allows customers to personalise products according to their needs, such as material, colour, internal structure, etc. The application of the 3D configurator will enable customers to watch your three-dimensional product display in real time on any device, and this process does not require any plug-ins. It only needs to work over the web.

For example, if you are a real estate agent, but your client is far away, so he cannot come and see the house in time, he hopes you can provide him with the real-time condition of the house as much as possible. So now, you have some options, like taking photos, videos, or using the 3D camera, etc., but your customers are worried about you missing details and hesitate to make a decision. At this time, the 3D configurator comes in handy. We can build an interactive house model so customers can view the house directly through the webpage or use virtual reality technology to make the experience more realistic.

What are the benefits of 3D configurator?

1. Provide a complete product understanding through interaction

Interactive 3D technology allows online shoppers to rotate, zoom and move the viewing angle easily and adjust the product in a customised style.
With 3D configuration solutions, you can minimise misunderstandings between you and your customers because the shopping process is active rather than passive. In addition, when a customer takes the initiative to buy a product, it means that the product has a sense of trust, so the chance of returns is meagre, which is very beneficial to the company.
According to research, 82% of shoppers would use 3D configurator on a product page. And as many as 95% prefer using this technology to learn about products than videos. (Cappasity)

2. Realise real-time customised design to meet specific or high-end needs

Clients can customise the product to their exact needs in the 3D configurator and exercise their initiative, allowing them to decide on the final design. In addition, the 3D configuration service will enable customers to learn more about product details and achieve the same purchasing experience as a physical store.

Develop your 3D Configurator

Attract more customers with higher conversion rates, increase customer retention and reduce return rates” Is this the marketing effect you are looking for? If yes, the 3D configurator can assist you in becoming a winner in the trending market.
However, if you find it time-consuming and labour-intensive to develop your own models, we are here to help you build the perfect 3D configurator suited to your products and be the best addition to your sales process.

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