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Event Recap⎟Global Launch of Blockchain and Digital Asset Program in Singapore

Blockchain Announcement
Yesterday, Wilson Chen representing #AVS had the privilege of attending the Blockchain and Digital Asset Program event jointly organized by #CFTE and Singapore Management University (#SMU).

The lineup of speakers at the event was truly impressive, and they shared invaluable insights that are highly relevant to the industry. Additionally, it was evident that companies and organizations like KPMG and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) have a forward-thinking approach to blockchain and digital asset applications. 💭✨
Let me highlight key takeaways from a few of the speakers:

Rachel C. (Head of Accelerator at Tribe):

Rachel discussed the challenges of blockchain adoption, particularly focusing on #Accessibility and #Talent. She emphasized that the current #UserExperience of blockchain might be confusing for non-technical users, and she hopes that technological improvements will make it more user-friendly. Regarding talent, she stressed the importance of nurturing developers in the blockchain field and placed a strong emphasis on #DeveloperEducation.

Sharon Lourdes Paul (Co-founder and CEO of Headquarters (HQ.xyz)):

Sharon emphasized the importance of both blockchain #education and practical #experience. She suggested that in the blockchain field, education and practice should be taken in small steps. It's important not to attempt large-scale projects right from the start. Instead, starting with small collaborative projects allows everyone to learn together in a controlled environment.

Nicole Lee (Head of Consumer Group at ADDX):

Nicole highlighted how blockchain and digital assets are changing our perspectives on money, investments, and business. She encouraged participants not to be intimidated by new technology and technical jargon but to stay curious and learn gradually. She pointed out that even if one is not directly involved in the #blockchain space, understanding this trend can provide a better context for the changing world and how individuals can contribute.
We are grateful to #CFTE for providing the opportunity to connect with top financial institutions and bring industry elites together. It was a pleasure to meet Lucas Pan from London, and we exchanged ideas about blockchain applications, including the use of #NFTs as tickets (similar to #EIP6672) and the marketing strategy for the Starbucks membership program, #odyssey.

Cheers to making contributions to the blockchain industry together! 🍻

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