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🔍 Explore zkSync: Enterprises Collaborate with AVS Building New Layer-2 Scaling Applications

Are you targeting Ethereum users but concerned that the high transaction fees might deter them? Or perhaps you're unfamiliar with Ethereum #ScalingSolutions but curious about the #Layer2 ecosystem — you're in the right place!

This article delves deep into the hot topic of Info zkSync, its origins, technical background, and its significance in the blockchain realm. It offers transaction speeds nearly 70 times faster than #Ethereum and boasts gas fees reduced by up to 2100%. Most importantly, it's deeply compatible with #EVM! 💪🤩

For businesses aiming to lead in the blockchain sector, this is a must-read.

✨ Article Highlights:

▶︎ #Origins and #Evolution: How zkSync evolved from a concept at Matter Labs to its current mainnet Era

▶︎ #TechnicalDepth: Understand the main features of #ZKRollup and how it provides low-cost and high-security transactions

▶︎ #MarketOpportunity: With zkSync's ecosystem rapidly growing, discover why now is the best time to position your project

Curious about Layer-2 applications? Click the link below to read the full Medium article ⤵


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