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Exchange for buying and exchanging game currency Red Pad Games

Goal: give community members the ability to buy and change in-game currency
  • Analytics
  • UX/UI
  • Client development
  • Smart contracts

About project

Red Pad Games is a game development studio that wants to create big stories. Large gaming community, with periodic game releases, internal currency and revolutionary gameplay

Our goal — is to create a whole ecosystem of new new game worlds

RedPad Studio has extensive experience in the gaming industry

Investor's office

Private accounts are on the platform. Users get the opportunity to use their personal account right now

What have we done

  • Conducted a market analysis of existing solutions in this area
  • Developed a concept and roadmap for product development
  • Developed requirements for software and technical architecture
  • UX/UI
  • Carried out client development
  • Developed smart contracts


Principles, team, history, technologies
Germany, Armenia, Malaysia