Centralized cryptocurrency marketplace that allows the peer-to-peer exchange of crypto assets.

Crypto Exchange Solution for Business

Light Exchange 3.0
This solution allows you to quickly launch your own exchange in 3 months with all major features you need, a high level of safety and unique design. Light Exchange 3.0 is quite flexible technology to be customized for your requirements.
20+ Modules
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Centralized Exchange
Decentralized Exchange
NFT Marketplace
Anonymous and secure systems for cryptocurrency trading. Fault-tolerant operation for millions of transactions made simultaneously.
P2P platforms for trading digital assets directly between participants. Without the participation of a third party.
NFT exchanges and platforms for the issuance, sale and purchase of NFT tokens in various niches: from games to real estate.
You can order Light Exchange 3.0 right now. We also offer the services of developers and designers.
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