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Digital Art Creation and Collecting Platform DigiCol

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Challenge: Create a simple platform for digital artists and collectors
  • UX analytics
  • Services
  • Design
  • Server development
  • Client development

About project

DigiCol — is a platform for creating and collecting digital works of art. Create and tokenize your art in one click without code. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional art forms and monetize your creativity here and now.

Join a community of like-minded artists and collectors and showcase your work. With DigiCol, you don't need to program or have technical knowledge. Simply create, list and sell your NFTs
For the artist
One-click NFT creation without code
Selling at a fixed price or through an auction
Use NFTs as collateral for liquidity
Secure ownership thanks to the Ethereum blockchain
For the collector
Search for works by creator, item type or collection
Buy at a fixed price or auction. Sell on the secondary market
Customize your profile and showcase your collection wherever you want

Artists in the black

Demanded NFTs will generate profits for creators when resold.
They can also be placed as collateral to access liquidity in ETH, USDT or DGCL

What have we done

  • Conducted a market analysis of existing solutions in this area
  • Developed a concept and roadmap for product development
  • Developed requirements for software and technical architecture
  • UX/UI
  • Performed server and client development


Principles, team, history, technologies
Germany, Armenia, Malaysia