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3DNFT-collection for Chainrunners

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Challenge: Create 3D versions of 40,000 pixelated avatars from an NFT collection for the cyberpunk metaverse
  • Creating 3D Assets
  • Creating a Build Script
  • Rendering on irender

About project

Chain Runners — is a cyberpunk universe created and owned by the community. The community is working to create innovative entertainment experiences that span multiple environments and break conventions.

Self-expression through a connected network of digital spaces that are connected by interacting assets. The community is open to those who want to write stories

Run with us renegade and see how deep the rabbit hole goes

An NFT collection of vibrant pixel art avatars inspired the creation of a fictional universe that has captured the imagination of thousands of people

New Dimension

The concept and vision were provided by the customer. We needed to bring the concept to life - to transfer the bright ideas implemented in minimalist pixel art into 3D space.

To generate a 3D collection, a high quality of asset development is required. When rendering a collection, it is impossible to correct defects by hand in place. The assembly of the final models happens automatically with the help of a script, and the number of renders is huge

Harder than it seems

Usually, ready-made sets of objects are used to generate an NFT collection. But not at this time.

Firstly, our avatars were of several races, differing in characteristic details of the structure of the face and body. To ensure a quality result, we used morphs for other objects in combinations.

Secondly, representatives of different races had different sets of accessories, which in turn also generated an additional variety of combinations.

Thirdly, objects in different combinations also affect each other, which means that this required the use of additional morphs.

It turned out a kind of multi-layered "pie" of influence. Where different combination objects affect each other directly, or through other objects.

What have we done

  • Created interchangeable 3D assets
  • We developed a script that for a given collection assembles a model from the right pieces with the right parameters - shapes, colors, materials, shapes
  • The script and source data were uploaded to the irender farm for subsequent rendering. A total of 40,000 pictures were created


Principles, team, history, technologies
Germany, Armenia, Malaysia